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My Interests

What inspires and motivates me? The interests below include my passions, my work experience, my field of study or a combination thereof.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Every creature on our planet has the ability to lead. Whether big or small, personal leadership from us all is needed to create a sustainable environment for future generation. With the need for personal leadership comes the need for entrepreneurship. New concepts, new ideas, remixes and innovations of existing business that are transformational and serve the needs of our planet at present and future times.

Social Media & Online Marketing

The digital age has taken over the world and internet has become a necessity in life. My goal is to bring more awareness to the possibilities of online marketing and social media and using its platform to inform, educate and communicate everyday topics and my personal expertise to the world.

Tourism & Events

Tourism and Events have played a big role in my life. From a young age I have been involved in the organisations of both the Suriname Jazz Festival and Surifesta, two events bringing colour to Suriname. In 2010 the Suriname Tourism Development Bureau was founded to create building blocks for the future of Tourism in Suriname.

Suriname & Urban Development

While Globalisation is the trend, identity is often still location based. Through urban development, we can contribute to our community, improve equality and create a broader perspective for all those who want to learn and experience more.

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Let's develop Suriname together!
  • Surifesta

    The Surifesta Foundation was established in 1997 by initiatives of the private sector aiming to coordinate the events around December 31st and to improve tourism to Suriname by changing Paramaribo into one big, joyful entertainment area, the place to be. Hence, the name Surifesta, a simple abbreviation of ‘Suriname’ and ‘Festa: a social gathering for the purpose of celebration’.

  • suriname jazz festival

    The Suriname Jazz Festival Foundation) was founded in Paramaribo, Suriname in September 2002, with the following objectives: a) To ensure that the Suriname Jazz Festival develops into a large, internationally known event covering a number of days, attracting international participants. b) To stimulate the musical education of particularly the Surinamese youth.

  • Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs

    Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs is a yearly project by the Global Shapers Paramaribo focusing on exchanging leadership- and entrepreneurial skills; Providing the labour market with tailored labour and new ideas; Demonstrate the functionality and importance of crowdfunding for developmental projects in Suriname; Promote the development of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Companies and Organisations

Succes comes by working together. I wouldn't be where I am today without the following companies and organisations.
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Sidewalk Cafe ‘t Vat

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Global Shapers Paramaribo

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Suriname Tourism Development Bureau

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Surifatu NV

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