Getting Structured with Email - How to get the most out of your Inbox -

Getting Structured with Email

Structured with emailWether we like to admit it or not, Email is a big part of our life. While the traditional use of email is changing over time, it is still needed to register on almost every online platform available. This includes Social Media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. It is also used to subscribe to newsletters and list building is still considered as one of the most valuable online marketing tools. Also, email is often the primary method within organizations for internal communication. It requires less effort than a meeting or a memo, but remains more formal than a quick text or WhatsApp message.

How can you keep control of an inbox when the average business emails sent/received per person is more than 100 a day? Can you actually use the abundance of information sent to you on a daily basis to your advantage? This course will discuss the following topics:

  • How to bring more structure and efficiency in your work
  • How to tackle your (overcrowded) inbox
  • The concept of email discipline
  • How to avoid future email overload
  • Getting more out of your emails

With this training you’ll get the necessary information on what changes you need to make:
1. in order to have a zero inbox routine
2. to gain a better understanding of how you can make your inbox work to your advantage.

This training is available upon request only. Please sent an email to for more information.

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